Welcome to the Florida Tech Student Government website. Please email us for any suggestion to improve the school or student government: sga@fit.edu.

2016–2017 SGA Executive Board:

President: Warren Pittorie

Vice President: Daniel Ata

Treasurer: Trenton Lizakowski 

Secretary: Maria Fernanda Sagastume

SGA will be trying out a new attendance system utilizing a card reader that syncs to Orgsync. If you were at the meeting on 9/8 and either swiped your card or wrote down your email address you have been emailed to submit the organizations you represent at our meetings. In the future we hope to streamline this process further, but we appreciate your patience as we adjust to the new system. 


Submit your organization's events here: EVENT CALENDAR LINK

To view the SAFC Funding Request Guide, Student Government Documents, and Attendance, click here.

Note that any event after 1 May should use the summer funding request form; this excludes post-May events that require purchases—registrations, etcs.—far in advance. The summer funding request form is used for events up to 30 September 2016.





Florida Tech Student Government Association is a silver member of ASGA having been a member of the American Student Government Association for the past 6 years.

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