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Funding Announcements:

Spring Operating Budgets are now available! Amounts can be viewed here. This amount will be added to money remaining from your Fall Operating Budget.

We predict that the account used to fund student activities is going to have money left at the end of the year. We have some ideas of items that will improve activities on campus, but we really want to hear yours. Please suggest your ideas here. These suggestions are due by February 17th at 12 PM.

SAFC requests for spring semester events (on or before April 31st) are due March 17th at 12 PM.

SAFC requests for the summer semester can be made March 24th to April 21st at 12 PM.


2014/2015 SGA Executive Board:

President - Carla Deras

Vice President - Jessica Cushman

Treasurer - Karley Herschelman

Secretary - Jasmin Pimentel


Organizations may log attendance using the following link:



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